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My interdisciplinary background allows me to act as an effective translator to both clients and colleagues, ultimately facilitating communication of expectations, encouraging collaborative and open processes, and optimizing the resulting product. 

Design + Prototyping


Recently graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors from the University of Maryland: College Park, I studied Media Arts and Social Change as part of the Individual Studies Program.

I created this major out of my deep belief that in order to create social change, we must first understand one another. Art + design offers a unique opportunity to glimpse into our development and cultural tendencies that contribute to our sense of reality.


Ultimately, design is an empathetic, innovative tool that can inspire positive change in our world.


Within this major, I concentrated on understanding socialization and perception (psychology, sociology, human development), developing artistic techniques (art, design), and communicating through art/design to encourage social change (design management, entrepreneurship, marketing). 

Notable Coursework​

Interactive Product Design

Gestión de Diseño (Design Management)

Diseño de Información (Information Design)

Entrepreneurship & Business Management

Research Methods in Human Development

Cultural Psychology

Mural Painting & Public Art

Study Abroad​

Universidad Veritas

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The Interdisciplinary Center: Herzliya

Creative Conflict Resolution

Human Development & Social Institutions

Innovation & Social Change

Psycholinguistics, Emotion, and Conflict Resolution

Non-Conventional & Creative Marketing

Social Psychology

Culture & Identity in a Visual Media Environment

San José, Costa Rica | Summer + Fall 2016

Santiago, Chile | Spring 2017

Herzliya, Israel | Fall 2017

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