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Image by Tim Mossholder

aligning our design methodologies with the earth's innately creative process

My love for ecology constantly informs my vision for the world and the process I strive to embody, particularly amidst the urgency of our human-created climate emergency. I find the intentionality of bridging our inner and outer nature as not only insightful in the innovation space, but also foundational in developing businesses that aim to build towards a culture of regeneration.


“everything is in conversation with us, we just forgot how to listen”


I firmly believe in the power of mindfulness in cultivating local-level transformation and accumulative influence in reshaping our larger, global systems. I live by the following principles in my design leadership: 




Practicing a heightened sense of awareness to context

Creativity arises from increased exposure and the ability to find connections. Tapping into the senses and focusing awareness allows for a deeper understanding of experiences, guiding the process of creating the valuable associations that are essential to good design.

Understanding dynamic influences and perspectives

Design is grounded in leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data. By gaining a deeper understanding of the given context, design can help unleash potential and offer an interactive solution to create culturally-relevant social change.

Embracing the unknown and detaching from the preconceived

Embracing ambiguity nurtures creativity and results in innovation. Viewing challenges as opportunities, I value collaborative efforts that produce thoughtful design and are based in non-reactive, non-judgmental processes.


Turning observations into actionable insights

Framing the problem and offering solutions requires deep listening and an iterative design methodology. Identifying both pain points and bright spots guides insights and encourages impact-driven, sustainable action.

Image by Tomasz Sroka
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